Kersti is a political sociologist working on the intersection of digitalisation and inclusive sustainable transformation in international development cooperation since almost two decades. Working with activist networks, NGO, public sector, and academic institutions in diverse country contexts, She understands to effectively design programs and strategies with diverse actors, to navigate across silos, cultivate dialogue and collaboration. With her deep involvement in program work, policy advice, and research, she strives to shape more inclusive and context-driven futures.

She is a convinced hybrid, advocating for cross-disciplinary collaborations in academia and practice and to critically question dominant understandings of science. Not technological infrastructures but the power dynamics underlying human interactions and decision-making drive her work. Kersti works with participatory methods across all major international cooperation segments, ensuring that cross-cutting fields of digital transformation and feminist development are structurally integrated, rather than disconnected add-ons.

KerstiĀ“s global cross disciplinary network provides a strong platform for sustainable transformation. Her ability to embrace a multitude of perspectives, her careful attention to multiple contextualities, out of the box thinking and empathy comes from her multi-sector and multi-cultural experience. She originates from Germany, has lived in urban centres of various countries, has worked across all continents, and is now living off-grid in the Spanish countryside.