That’s me!

10404475_10153091556872806_1658354963105295436_nI am an independent consultant and researcher in the field of civic tech, open development and ICT4D (buzzword alarm). I live in Amsterdam and work as campaign strategist, co-creator, and trainer around the globe with activist groups, NGOs and governmental organizations. I have worked in Honduras, Ghana, Nigeria, Cambodia, Rwanda, Mozambique among others.

I am a convinced hybrid between disciplines as well as between practice and academia. I have been working on the role of communication in change processes and communication as right since the early 2000s, before the ICT4D and later open data hype hit. I am a community radio passionate and ‘people over tech’ advocate.

I also get extremely uncomfortable when innovation is equated with the latest tech hypes. This is mirrored in my doctoral research, where she is exploring the aspects of inclusion and democracy in times of the big data hype, exploring community structures and identities of data activism networks with a specific focus on rather marginalized groups.

I am also representing the Open Knowledge Foundation in the Netherlands and am one of the curators of the annual Open Development Camp.